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Our Story

It started in 2022 when founders Nick & Sarah had a vision, a desire for community and the legend of the goat herder who discovered coffee. 

The Goat Herder Legend

Legend has it that coffee was discovered by a Goat Herder, Kaldi, in Ethiopia. He wondered why his goats had more energy after eating berries from a certain bush. Kaldi picked some and infused them in hot water - and voila!

The first cup of coffee was created!

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Our Coffee

Our coffee beans are carefully selected to provide a full-bodied taste, taking great care in turning these beans into the perfect espresso shot. When consumed, you will be greeted with chocolatey, fruity notes that satisfy the taste buds alone, or accompanied with milk.

We have taken a synergic approach with coffee, our beans are a blend of four different origins: Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and Sumatra.

Our beans are available to buy in 250g and 1kg bags in store.

Our Food

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We take huge pride in our simple, yet inclusive menu. Sourcing locally produced food from the meat we use, to our diverse range of sweet treats. Community is key when it comes to the food we serve, trading with small, local businesses in return for delicious, handmade goods. We also believe everyone deserves a treat, which is why we cater to a variety of dietary requirements. 

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Our Community

The Oaty Goat has become known for its communal experience, this began from the day we opened. It stems from how integral we are to our local area - sourcing most of our products locally, remembering your coffee order and even hosting events after hours. The space we have created is welcoming and inviting, with comfy chairs and quirky paintings of goats eating ice cream.

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