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5 Interesting Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee!!

Coffee: a versatile beverage that can be consumed iced, hot, alone or with milk. Although the enjoyment of this drink can be shared with friends or mindfully alone, it also double’s as a health benefit to your body.

The benefits of this distinctive drink on both body and mind may surprise you! Here are 5 interesting health benefits of drinking coffee.

1.Coffee contains more antioxidants than some fruit and vegetables.

Sometimes, fitting a salad into your diet can get a little repetitive. But did you know a nice cup of coffee may provide similar antioxidants? Coffee is certainly no replacement for a healthy diet, but it’s good to know that one of life’s little joys can also be good for you.

As we know, having a variety of fruits and vegetables in our diet is a healthy way of getting our antioxidants. This is good for reducing oxidative stress, an imbalance in the body that can cause physical ailments like fatigue or headaches. However, some studies have found the same, possibly even greater, benefit can be had from your daily cup of Joe.

(Hyperlink: ) One study compared the antioxidant defence found in various dietary food groups, wine and coffee. Although many of these groups provided the body with antioxidants, they found that coffee provided the greatest antioxidant defence.

So when you find yourself debating over whether the cup is worth it, we (science) can reassure you that it is.

2.Coffee can fight fatigue and increase energy levels

Despite the unique and wonderful taste, it can also give us a healthy boost of energy. Caffeine is the bioactive compound found in coffee, which stimulates our central nervous system. It does this by blocking certain receptors in the brain that are responsible for drowsiness and fatigue.

The secondary effects of this include performance endurance in exercise. (Hyperlink: ) Many studies have found that the caffeine in coffee increases endurance due to its ability to combat the affects of fatigue.

So next time you go to the gym, or get your running shoes on, a cup of coffee might be your saviour to keep you going a bit longer.  

3.It may help curb depression

Depression can be very common amongst individuals, affecting around 5% of adults globally. However, some studies have acknowledged a decrease of depression in adults that drink a healthy amount of coffee.

Caffeine has been shown to increase levels of happy chemicals in the brain, the most commonly know being serotonin. Increased levels leads to a happier mind, body and spirit. Who would’ve thought?

As much as it may be biological, part of me believes that the action of making a coffee or just the warm (or cold) cup in your hands escaping you from the stresses of life. Whatever the reason, coffee may provide additional help to anyone dealing with depression.

4.Coffee could lower your risk of type 2 diabetes

If we didn’t love this aromatic, distinctive drink enough, there is evidence that consumption can reduce the risk of developing certain medical conditions. (Hyperlink: ) A recent study concluded that coffee use has an inverse association with the emergence of type 2 diabetes.

The magic in your cup of coffee helps to regulate blood sugar levels by preserving certain cells in the pancreas that produce the hormone, insulin. The production of this hormone is what helps us avoid the risk of type 2 diabetes.

As much as I love the instant effects coffee can bring, knowing that when I drink it I am helping protect myself from long term conditions, provides me with that extra level of comfort.

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