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Our Story

We are a unique space situated in Locks Heath Shopping Village, Fareham.
Our ethos is to create a relaxed environment where everyone can  enjoy excellent coffee, delicious food and fabulous desserts, irrespective of your dietary needs or preferences. 
Our Oaty Goat Coffee beans are the result of over 2 years collaboration with our supplier to produce a rounded, full bodied espresso - the basis of any coffee based drink you choose. 

We are more than just a coffee shop...

 At The Oaty Goat we offer a condensed, quality menu that can be adapted to meet most preferences and dietary requirements. Whether you are vegan, gluten-free or just plain hungry, we have got something for you!

Our approach to coffee hospitality allows for anyone from all walks of life to come together, relax, enjoy a drink and a bite to eat. 

Our coffee takes pride of place in our line up – after painstakingly selecting the right beans and perfecting how we make your drink, we hope that you will join us in appreciating a genuinely delicious coffee - click here to find out more about our special Oaty Goat Coffee.

A sweet treat...

Unlike many other coffee shops, we also offer an extensive gelato menu (all of which are available vegan/dairy free) - something we take pride in. With a unique collection of ice cream flavours and toppings, there are endless opportunities for all the family. Oh, and to top that off, you can add all these combinations in a warm bubble waffle made freshly in house.  

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